Promotional Materials

Will people really buy more (or anything) from your company if you give them a pen, a stress ball or some other item with your company name splashed on? Maybe...maybe not...how is it working...have you tested the effectiveness on the investment of your promotional items?

Many of us have endured the long hours at trade-shows, handing out hundreds (or thousands) of promotional items. Depending on your business, these items might convert into orders, but how do you know...have you set up a ROI calculator?  It is nice to hand out an item to anyone wondering by your booth, but would you pull cash from your pocket and hand it to them in hopes they buy from you in the future without setting some sort of measurement tools?

At this point, you might be thinking we don't like to offer promotional items. On the contrary, we think it has great value...when done properly.

  • Who is my customer? An important variable in what the gift is.
  • What gift would they appreciate? Remember it is called a promotional item...yes, something useful that promotes your product or service and relates in some way. 
  • When will I have time to give it to them? Disbursement of gifts should be considered at their purchase, otherwise they end up in someone's car trunk and forgotten. 
  • Where will we offer them? In person is always best, but not always practical...there are options.

If you want to be nice to the folks who come by the booth, then buy sugar free candy and put it in a big bowl on your table. If you would like to get client's or prospect's attention with a useful gift, call for a free consultation. You can be assured you'll get more than some sugar free candy!!

800-833-7868 x 101 or rbeck@scpgroup.net for more information. Or click here for products on our site.


Outdoor Signage

When I was a kid, my parents owned a print shop and we were also busy at election time printing outdoor election signs. I'm dating myself, but at that time, paper was the only realistic option. So candidates were constantly replacing signs if the weather was adverse. At that time there was no economical way to make the signs hold up to the weather (yes, I'm that old). Times have changed and there are numerous products available to last months in the elements ( no - they are not environmentally friendly). 

I can't remember the last time I saw a paper election sign because the benchmark has been raised and campaign helpers don't have the time to run around changing the signs after a heavy rain. 

The quality level of our exterior signage, whether temporary or permanent, is an indicator to our clients. It indicates whether we are serous about what we do or not. Sure - a copier print on the door is okay for any emergency communication, but when it needs to be up for more than a week, there are better methods...especially when directing folks for their convenience and for their safety. 

Location, location, location  we know is critical, but application is a consideration. How will we get it up there and how will we attach are important considerations. 

  • Temporary or permanent
  • Construction site
  • ADA compliant
  • Flexible or rigid

SCP Group offers free consultation and estimating for your sign work. We offer excellent advice, design consultation and the manufacturing is done under our roof. 

800-833-7868 x 101 or rbeck@scpgroup.net for more information. Click here for products our our site.


Graphic Design Services

Ever hear the phrase,  "penny wise and pound foolish", an old English idiom meaning we are thrifty with small amounts of money and foolish with large amounts. This phrase might apply if we think Graphic Designer Services are too expensive. We took some time to list a few reasons to ponder before you try and tackle your own design and marketing layouts.

Branding: you really do get what you pay for...yes that software was "free" with your new computer, but remember all those "free" templates are available to everyone else as well. Ever look at a wall full of brochures and pick those designed from a free template? Odds are that these will remain in the holders and not be going home with prospects.

Time: do you really have the time to invest in designing pieces yourself? What is the lost revenue by not interacting with clients? Will you get it done on time...be honest with yourself.

Consistency in Look: is your image consistent between all type of media and products?

New Source of Ideas: the process of explaining to someone else your vision forces us to explain in detail what we want to accomplish. We get the opportunity to "flesh-out" our concepts and bounce them off potential buyers. A graphic designer hears and sees what you want, then visually communicates this to your clients. They will take time to understand who your clients are as part of the design process. Designers come at projects from multiple angles, the same angles your prospects do as well. 

Pride: a logo, a sell sheet, an ad needs created. Will you be proud with what you can accomplish? 

Cost: Graphic Designers have years of experience and do this work all day, every day and have the hardware and software to do the job quickly and efficiently. Many clients have designed their own pieces and asked us to "fix them up" before printing. Generally, the cost to "fix" a file is not much less than to create from scratch. SCP Group gladly estimates design projects and stays within those parameters and advises if we might exceed costs. 


ADA and Interior Signage

After 90 days working in any environment, our brain's accept any visual imperfections. We overlook messes, inconsistencies and especially miscues in signage...because we know where everything is now. So, it is helpful to get fresh eyes to look at your client areas and even employee areas. Unless you work at home, public buildings fall under the Americans' with Disabilities Act (ADA), which requires interior signs to meet certain criteria; like contrast, overall size, placement and braille. Our purpose is not to scare you with Big Brother penalty's but make you aware that each infraction carry a $50,000 penalty. We never came across any ADA police, but it does make sense to be inclusive in your signage to all people. This can be accomplished at reasonable costs, compliant and aesthetically pleasing. 

Regardless of the size of building we walk into, it is important that our clients (or prospects) feel welcome and know they are in the right place. To give them direction, especially in unattended areas. We can frustrate clients with inadequate signs and actually drive them off if too much is left to their imagination, and efficiency increases as people are directed to the correct places and your staff isn't occupied redirecting lost folks. 

What we offer:

  • Free evaluation of your facility and recommendation to become ADA complaint in terms of signage.
  • Unique design of signage that compliments your facility.
  • Installation or just the signs and hardware to install yourself with the guidelines.
  • Quality materials that will last for years and easy to clean 

Useful Link to the Dept of Justice website - www.ada.gov