What File Formats Are Accepted for Print Ready Artwork?
Please Review Current Accepted File Formats Before You Design and Send Your Files for Print.
Our design department is Mac platform, so we prefer all customer files to be in one of the following file formats:

Adobe Creative Suite Native Files (Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator)
* Must Include all Fonts & Links - Package File

PDF Files: All pdf files must be distilled using the High Quality setting with a resolution of 300 dpi or more. Fonts should be embedded or converted to outlines/paths prior to distilling the file. Please include a 0.13” bleed if required and be sure your pdf file separates properly prior to uploading/emailing.

We recommend files be compressed prior to uploading/emailing. Using compression software can often times eliminate corruption problems, as well as reduce the amount of time the file takes to upload.



What are Bleeds?
In the print/design industry, “bleeds” are defined as any color, image or object that extends to the edge of the paper making them appear to be “bleeding” off the page. To do this properly, the excess colors, images or objects are extended 0.13” beyond the edge of the trim size (final size) of the document and is then trimmed off during the bindery process.

Most industry-standard layout software (i.e. InDesign, Illustrator) has bleed capabilities built into the program so when creating a new document, you can set the bleed at that time. Once the document is created, a red guideline will appear beyond the final trim size (the black line shown around document) indicating the bleed area.

What is ADA Signage?
It is important that our clients (or prospects) feel welcome and know they are in the right place. To give them direction, especially in unattended areas.

ADA, Americans’ with Disabilities Act, requires interior signs to meet certain criteria; like contrast, overall size, placement and braille. This signage is necessary and each infraction can carry a $50,000 penalty if not posted. We offer reasonable costs, compliancy and aesthetically pleasing signage.

What we offer:
Free evaluation of your facility and recommendation to become ADA complaint in terms of signage.

Unique design of signage that compliments your facility.

Installation or just the signs and hardware to install yourself with the guidelines.

Quality materials that will last for years and easy to clean

Useful Link to the Dept of Justice website - www.ada.gov