Questions are welcome

I recently read an article that compared on-line print companies with fast-food restaurants. Our expectations for fast-food is a low price point, consistency and convenience. That works for many of us, but we all know it might not be the best choice and we knowingly give up on some expectations. We know that fast-food is a self-serve option, there is no expectation of any service beyond putting the food on a tray after payment in full (no terms). We are expected to find our own table and bus it ourselves. No-one is going to clear the table when we are done (we are expected to do it ourselves) and based on the comfort of the chairs, seems like we are not welcome to stay too long.

We can make similar comparisons to on-line print resources that make no attempt to have any personal relationship with the buyer, which can be obvious when no phone numbers are listed . Here is my number, just so i'm not hypocritical (800-833-7868 ext 101). Like fast-food, these print providers do serve a purpose, providing services to clients that require no personal attention, the process is automated, there are no people to interact, which allows the product to be less expensive (no customer service wages). They purchase the defined product (available to everyone) at a bargain price and the interaction is completed, except for the relentless emails that follow. 

Yet sometimes we need other options, we might have questions, we need some advice. We really need a full-service printer. If I want a good steak for my birthday, our family goes to the locally owned restaurants for quality beef, excellent service at generally a fair price, especially considering my level of satisfaction after the meal. 

Here is where the analogy breaks down - we can't always afford the expensive steak, nor have the time to wait while it is personally prepared to our liking. Yet at SCP Group, our clients are always treated like it's their birthday because we do care about maintaining a positive personal relationship with each client. You may need something not on the menu, something that you never saw before and need advise whether it is possible. You need to speak with a human being because you don't know all the print or mail lingo. And pleasantly, the cost is reasonable, considering the level of satisfaction. 

 At SCP Group, we are big enough to do amazing things in a short time, yet nimble enough to spend time understanding your expectations. We have people to answer your questions, we have expertise in print, mail and wide-format solutions. We have graphic designers on staff that you can actually speak with or come and meet. We welcome your questions and take pride in meeting, then exceeding your expectations. 

I enjoy a quick burger on the road, it can meet a temporary need, but I really enjoy the relationships built at the local restaurant where people do know my name. Where I can get something not on the menu and it tastes good and is healthy for me.

We look forward to working with you an answering all your questions...a partnership is just a phone call away, 800-833-7868, ext 101.

Randy Beck

President, SCP Group